how to apply for a passport

The passport is the ticket to many wonderful trips. However, before you start planning your vacation carefully, check carefully how to get a passport to prepare well for this process. With our guide you will find answers to all your bothering questions and you will learn first of all where to apply for a passport, what documents you will need, what to pay attention to and how long it will last. How to apply for a passport?

Where is the passport application submitted

The basis for obtaining a passport is submitting a completed application to a special passport point (usually a voivodship office). Addresses of individual points can be found, among others on the offices’ websites.

How to get a passport – a list of necessary documents
The application must be submitted by an adult and paid for. We present a list of documents that will be necessary to obtain a passport:

– a photo (it does not have to be taken professionally – but it should be taken not earlier than 6 months before submitting the application and it should not have a headgear, glasses or other accessories on it. The face must be fully visible in the photo. Dimensions are: 35 mm (width) x 45 mm (height) .You can take a picture yourself by following the appropriate guidelines)
– old passport (if you have it)
– passport application
– proof of passport fee

In case of doubt about your identity or incorrect data, the clerk may ask for additional documents.

waiting for passport

How much do you pay for a passport

This price depends entirely on the country. You can pay less if your appearance has changed dramatically and you need to update the photo, your data has changed (for example your surname after marriage), or your passport is filled with visas and stamps, which means there is no room for new ones.

Making a passport – waiting time

The whole process can take up to 30 days (for both adult and child). In special cases, this time may be slightly longer, but usually you wait within two weeks. In some countries you can track this time online.

How to get a temporary passport

In urgent situations it is possible to quickly obtain a temporary passport. However, you have to be aware of the fact that although you will receive such a passport faster than in the case of the standard procedure, it has a shorter validity period (it will be valid for no more than 12 months from its issue). In addition, not all countries honor such a document, so it is better to check such provisions before traveling. You apply for the document in a similar way as in the case of a standard passport, at any passport point.

How long passport is valid

The document is usually valid for 10 years and you will find the exact expiry date in it. If you exchange your passport for a new one, the visas that are in the previous one still remain valid. When traveling to a country to which you already have a visa, find out at the embassy whether you must have both passports with you.

We hope that the article above explained the procedure on how to obtain a passport. It remains now to do all the formalities and plan your vacation – the world is open to you!


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