How long is law school

A lawyer is a profession that is strongly associated with the United States (mainly due to popular legal serials). In the US, people working in this profession can count on average earnings of up to $ 11,000 gross per month! For example, in Germany, the average monthly earnings are around $ 9,000 gross. It is not much worse in England – the average salary of lawyers there is $ 7,500 gross. If you want to earn that much, you may want to attend a law school. How long is law school?

How to get law experience

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things on the way to practicing the profession of a lawyer or legal advisor, which presents some difficulties, is gaining practical experience. Knowledge of the theory of law is different from the ability to apply it in professional life. It is best to start gaining practical knowledge while you are studying and to continue this continuously during your application. The experience gained in applying the law, enriched by the knowledge of theories and principles, will be a big advantage on the labor market, which is very competitive. As in sport – the best win. It is also difficult to follow changes in the law and to be constantly up to date with the rules and case law of national and European courts, as both the rules and the case-law change over time. It is also worth specializing because employers are looking for specialists in narrow areas of law, such as personal data protection law, intellectual property law or new technology law.

law school duration

How long is law school

The lawyer’s path will look different in every country. First, you usually need to complete several years of law studies (5-6) while later you have to complete internships. Students will be offered apprenticeships in law firms, internships in courts, prosecutors’ offices, offices or legal departments. You can also sign up for student legal clinics. In fact, most law departments run them. There you can learn how to contact the customer and how to prepare legal opinions. This is really the first opportunity to put the law into practice. It is also worth knowing that some law firms, courts and offices cooperate with law departments and information on their offers can be obtained.

After completing the application, you must pass a professional exam to obtain the title of lawyer or legal advisor. For example, a professional exam for a lawyer lasts 4 days. The first day is civil law, the second is criminal law, the third is commercial law, and the fourth is administrative law and lawyer’s ethics. You must pass all parts of the exam (grade 3-6) to get the title of lawyer or counselor.

You can graduate in law, do not go to the application and specialize in a chosen field – ie gather knowledge and work in a given “plot” yourself. However, then you do not have the rights of a lawyer or legal advisor and you cannot appear in court as a party’s attorney or a defense lawyer. Interestingly, you can be a lawyer without an application and earn good money. It all depends on where you go and what you can do. 


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