If you are a fan of the Gemini Division, you know how important Rosario Dawson is to the show. While you may not have seen her before this series, she was a great choice due to her marketability. Here are all of the reasons that she is an ideal fit.

Her Toughness

There are some women who sit around worrying about girly-girl things all of the time, but she is not one of them. One of her greatest strengths is her resilience and tough-as-nails attitude. Not only is this her actual attitude having grown up in the mean streets of New York City, but it spills over into her role on the show, It is almost as if the role was created with her in mind.


Unfortunately, many people feel like web series are not as diverse as they could be. Considering the fact that much of it is fan created, it is not the fault of anyone. With that said, having a woman who has a Hispanic background is a great way to showcase a community that is probably not represented as much as it could be.

It is also great to see a woman in an arena that is sometimes thought of as male-dominated. Not only is she in the promos for the series, but she is the star and shines in her role.

Her Looks

There is no denying that she is an incredibly beautiful woman. The fact that she looks stunning without adhering to some of the boring, basic looks many people are used to make it even more exciting. Having a sexy woman with dark features will help the show appeal to those who are tired of looking at bubbly blondes. Besides, how can you look at those smoky eyes on a poster and not want to see more of her?

She is not perfect, which makes her more relatable when it comes to women. It is refreshing to see a gorgeous woman who eats and who doesn’t make other women feel like they have to be a size 0 in order to be great. This makes her a very appealing icon as far as female fans are concerned.

Her Interests

One thing that is common is the difference in the interests of the average guy and the average woman. It is always nice to come across a woman who loves video games, can speak Klingon and can really relate when it comes to some of the things guys like. That alone makes her very appealing when it comes to marketing the web series to the male population.

While there are many ways that the creators of this show could market it, they decided that using Rosario Dawson was a perfect choice. After reading about all of the reasons why this is such a wise marketing decision, it should be clear to you why making any other choice would have been a real mistake.


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