About The Gemini Division Fan Website

As you should already know, Gemini Division is one of the best series out there, yet it does not get the love or recognition it deserves. This is the main reason why this fan website was created. There needed to be a place where fans could go to relax, have fun and foster their love of the show.

If you are a new fan, that is perfectly fine since we plan to offer episodes of the show here in case you missed any. This means you will no longer have to scout around online hoping to run into a treasure. They will be right here waiting for you to hit play and enjoy. For those veteran fans, you should head over to the episodes section too since there are probably favorites that you want to see again.

Rosario Dawson plays the lead on the show, and we believe that she does an incredible job. Another focus of this site is to pay homage to the greatness that is her. We believe that it is important for us to shine a light on her and help make the show more popular than ever. This means that she will get more notoriety and there will be more episodes created for our enjoyment.

While we are working hard to reach this goal, we would love for you to help us with this as well. Tell your friends about the show, share this website with others and contribute to making this one of the most popular series out there. Even if you only do it a little, it will have a lasting impact, so it would not hurt to try.

We appreciate every single one of you, and we are here if you have any questions or suggestions for making this the coolest fans site on the Web.