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How To Become A Gemini Division Fan

There are many people who watch shows, but that does not necessarily make them fans. It takes a certain kind of person to call themselves a true fan. If you watch Gemini Divison and you would like to find out how to become a fan, you have come to the right place.

The first thing you should do is tell others about the show every chance that you get. From talking to your friends about it on the phone to posting about it on your social media accounts, you should do everything you can to get the word out there. In many cases, having a large number of fans will ensure a series does not float off into obscurity.

You should consider blogging about the show and sharing links to episodes for those that may have trouble finding them. This will give you a place to share your love of the show while offering Gemini Divison some much-needed free promotion. If you find other blogs about the show, you should try to cross-promote to popularize them all; the more, the merrier.

Look around the Internet and find all of the websites you can that pertain to the show. Look for sharing buttons and pass these around like free candy. People will love the idea of being offered the chance to learn more about the show, and you will be showing others how much of a fan you truly are. Do not just do this once; share the websites you find on a fairly regular basis.

There are social media groups that are devoted to all kinds of subjects. You should look for those that are related to the show and join them all. While you are visiting these groups, take the opportunity to share links with others and promote the show as much as you can. If you are not able to find a group that meets all of your needs, then you should consider starting one. If you do this, update your content regularly and share as much as possible, so things don’t get stale.

Being a fan means more than sitting there and watching a show every once in a while. Doing one or more of the activities listed here means that you will have to right to think of yourself as a true fan. Otherwise, you are merely a watcher of the show and nothing more.

How Fans Can Help Marketing The Gemini Division Show

Gemini Division is a great show. The short, punchy episodes never fail to impress, and the show is full of action and intrigue to keep you coming back from episode to episode. It’s in a unique position, in that it relies on things like product placement for income, and has resisted doing pre-roll ads so far.

It needs viewers, though, and pulling in viewers when everyone is interested in Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and another major series is going to be a difficult proposition. The writers are a smaller company, and this means that they don’t have the marketing budget to go head to head with those big dramas. That’s where the fans come in.

Do you remember the days when people would talk about The X-Files at the bus stop? When fandom for smaller shows was all about snatched break room talk and maybe, for the most engaged, a BBS? Those days, fortunately, are long gone. We’re even past the days where engaging with fans meant talking on specialist forums. Today, we have social media, and that means that it doesn’t take much for good content to spread to become something that everyone is talking about. Subcultures are a thing of the past. Being a nerd is cool now. Good shows will become popular regardless of whether they are about detectives, space ships, orcs or elves. Intrigue, period drama, it’s all the same to us now – entertainment.

There are many companies that have different types of opinions, one of these companies said, “If you really are a fan of Gemini Division, if you want to help it grow, all you have to do is talk about it.” Share links to teasers and post that you’re watching the latest episode. Tweet, use Facebook. Like the show on Facebook itself, and like it on other social TV platforms if you happen to use them. Talk about it on Reddit if you’re on one of the TV subreddits. If you want to be proactive, make memes and share them. There are enough meme generators out there that you don’t even need a lot of artistic talent to do that.

Every show can benefit from online marketing exposure to social media – not just Gemini Division, but if you look at Facebook and Twitter throughout the week, you’ve probably noticed that it’s the bigger shows that tend to trend most often. By talking about the smaller shows that you appreciate, you help to give them a bit more voice in the search engine world and a bit more reach. Maybe, just maybe, you can get them to trend within your social bubble – and as the people on the edge of that start talking about them, they will trend within their network, and so on. It’s amazing what can go viral, and what impact something being shared online can have.

Are you an influencer? Do people listen to what you have to say? If so, use that power to talk about the things you care about. That could be political issues, it could be health issues, or it could be taking the time to share what a smaller studio is doing and reminding people that there’s more to entertainment than HBO. Your words have power, and as a fan, if you choose to give people exposure, that does matter.

If you want to support the show, then buying merchandise is another big step. It can help to support the production of future episodes and show NBC that it’s worth putting their faith into a shorter series. Exposure helps, but we all know that you can’t pay bills with it, and money does make a difference.

How The Gemini Division Used Marketing To Gain Popularity

There is no way for a web series to be successful if the right marketing methods aren’t used. Thankfully for the creators of Gemini Division, they used all of the best techniques available. In case you are wondering what those are, read on.

TV Ads

Whether you believe it or not, there are people out there who still watch TV. This is why using television ads to market Gemini Division was a wise idea. Even those who do not watch on a traditional set can see these commercials. For instance, Comcast subscribers can stream live TV on their website, and these shows have commercial breaks.


When you are cruising down the highway headed to your chosen destination, a great billboard can always catch your attention. Many people on the road saw these and became so interested that they went online to see what the show was about. Once they watched it, many of them became hooked and made it a point to watch on a regular basis.

Video Content

Like any other series, there are trailers available to those who need some encouraging. There is nothing like seeing a few teaser moments and letting that intrigue lead you in the direction of a new show. While some people use things like ad blocking software to prevent themselves from seeing trailers while they are using streaming sites, there are many others who do not mind seeing ads. Those are the ones who were targeted when this show was being marketed to the public.


It is certain that SEO played a part in the popularity of this series. In case you didn’t know, it is pretty difficult to be successful when you are not using search engine optimization methods to your advantage. It is not clear whether the creators took it upon themselves to work on this, or they hired a firm to handle it on their behalf, but it worked because information about the show is at the top of the results when searching relevant keywords.

One part of SEO is making sure that there is an active social media presence. There is no official Facebook or Twitter for the show, which is probably why it is not as popular as it could be. Making this small change can make a huge difference, especially since fans are always looking for a way to engage with shows they love.

Word Of Mouth

This is probably the way that many people heard about the show. Creating great content means that people will love it and be more than willing to talk about it with their friends. This is one of the times when social media could make a huge impact. If the show had an account, they could offer contests that encourage people to share links with their friends. It would also be possible to post teaser content, and people could hit share buttons and pass it along.

Many web series have done this and had great success. The Gemini Division creators need to do a little more with their SEO since it means that they will increase the word of mouth advertising that often makes shows thrive.

Marketing may seem like this long and complicated process that only an expert can do, but that is not the case at all. In fact, it is quite simple for those associated with a web series like Gemini Division to use any of the methods above to make their content more appealing so the viewership would increase more than it has in past years.

How SEO Helps Shows

Even TV shows need to get a lot of exposure, and what better way to get that exposure than online marketing.┬áThere are many ways on how marketing can help shows and according to one company “Search engine optimization is something that people usually think of as being for blogs and online stores, but it matters for almost anything with a web presence.”

So if you want to develop a great strategy that will bring more attention this is one way of doing it.

The Gemini Division is a series of short episodes. It’s something that can be enjoyed in little chunks – on public transit on the way to work, during your lunch break, or while you’re chilling out at home. It thrives on online buzz. The makers don’t have the kind of budget that other shows have. They rely on people who are ‘taste makers’ promoting it, and to get that initial buzz they needed to have a strong presence online.

Now, marketing alone wouldn’t help it to grow – because people won’t search for something if they don’t know that it’s out there. But, once you have that core social media presence and you have people posting about it on the most hardcore forums, social media can be a big help.

Electric Farm had an uphill battle getting Gemini Division to be recognized by the networks. Back then, shorts of this type weren’t all that fashionable. They did, however, have the support of some names that are interesting and appealing in the cult TV Show world, so this meant that they had the foundation to attract the more dedicated fans – and those fans were then well positioned to market the show to their friends and grow an audience – as tastemakers do.

They used online marketing to bring in people searching for stars, directors, writers, settings; not just the name of the show. They supported the show through some product placement and advertising, and SEO helped with this as well. Fans notice when someone is clearly talking about products and brands, and having the Cisco or Microsoft association helps for them.

SEO isn’t the only marketing tool, and to be fair for a show like Gemini Division it’s perhaps not even the most valuable tool – but it does contribute a lot regarding ongoing exposure. People like to know if and when episodes will be airing. They want to know about the characters, the writers, and the setting. SEO ensures that the show’s site attracts people, meaning that they have the chance to monetize those visitors instead of them going to a generic TV website.

Promoting a TV series is hard because watching a particular series is not need, and you’re not likely to optimize for “something to watch on TV tonight,” but you can optimize for genre keywords, and pull in people that might be looking for something a little different. The creators did a good job of this, and they themed the show in a clever way so that it was easy to generate buzz.

The world has changed a lot since water-cooler, and bus stop talk turned The X-Files into a mainstream but cult classic. Today, many shows are right memes. Everyone is aware of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, even if they aren’t usually interested in those genres. Competing for attention with some of those high production value shows, based on respected franchises of their right, is tough. Short series have a lot to work on with being punchy, concise, and keeping interest from week to week. But it can be done, and the writers of Gemini Division have shown that with the full marketing package is possible to win over demanding viewers.

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