If you are on the lookout for a mattress, you are likely going to be checking out multiple mattress reviews at some point. Looking at review sites can be a great way to really identify whether or not a product is worth investing in. However, there are plenty of reviews out there for a variety of products, including mattresses. Below, we will be going over how to spot a mattress review that is legit. There are many reviews for products like Nectar, and let’s say you read Nectar mattress reviews from a trusted source and you wanted to make sure it’s a legit opinion. Here’s what to do:

1. Fakespot.com.

If you are checking out reviews on Amazon’s marketplace, one of the very best ways to spot fake reviews is to check out and use Fakespot.com. By using an algorithm like Fakespot.com, you will be able to see what kind of grade the mattress received based on their algorithm of fake reviews.

2. No Negatives.

Another good way to spot a fake review is by checking out the various reviews and noticing no negative comments about the product at all. Even the most well regarded and well-recognized products have negatives that unbias reviewers are going to point out. If you notice that no one is saying about bad about the product or pointing out any sort of flaws, the review is likely doctored and fake.

3. Check For Bias.

Another good way that you will be able to identify whether or not a review is honest is by checking to see if the reviewer has any reason to be biased about a particular brand or product. Due to FCC regulations, those that are affiliates of particular products must disclose it, websites that provide and do Koala mattress reviews should have a display. Therefore, you will be able to see whether or not the person is being paid and/or sponsored by the company that they are recommending to see if they have any inherent bias.

4. Affiliate Link.

While having an affiliate link in the review is not necessarily a sure-fire sign to pinpoint a fake review, you want to be sure that the reviewer is not pushing you to buy something that they do not fully believe in simply because they make money from it. As long as the reviewer is completely upfront about the affiliate link and nature of making money from affiliate commisions, you should be able to trust their review. However, if they are hiding it or making it secretive that they are making money off of affiliate links, you might want to be wary. People who analyzed and provide Emma mattress reviews are a great example because they display all of this information which makes them trustworthy.

5. How Many Brands?

Another good way to spot a fake review is noticing a reviewer only reviews one specific brand. If you notice that a reviewer is only either reviewing or recommended one specific brand, it is very likely that they are being sponsored or paid off by said brand. A good reviewer is going to be researching and reviewing different products throughout the entire market – if you go to Tomorrow Sleep reviews you will see a clear display which is a fantastic sign of a trusty website.

6. Verified Purchase.

If you are looking at marketplace reviews like from Amazon, you will only want to pay attention to the reviews that have the ‘verified purchase’ tag next to them. This is going to help ensure that you are looking at actual customer reviews and not reviews from the brand.